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Article: Is a Promise Ring the same as an Engagement ring?

Is a Promise Ring the same as an Engagement ring?

Is a Promise Ring the same as an Engagement ring?

A very popular question... is a Promise Ring just another version of an engagement ring in a relationship.

The short answer, no.

Promise rings can be given for a variety of reasons:

Loyalty in Relationships: A Promise ring is a brilliant way to show your commitment and seriousness in a relationship, a way to show your partner your love and that your Promise to stay together through thick & thin!

A celebration of a milestone: Whether in a relationship or gifting to a loved friend or family member, a birthday, anniversary or milestone event (like graduating!) are great times to buy someone a Promise Ring. It will serve as a little reminder of such a special time and give you the opportunity to make a Promise. 

Long Distance: Long distance can be tricky, but having something to look at everyday to "feel" your partners presence can certainly help. A Promise Ring is a way to feel constantly connected to your partner no matter the miles between you.

A promise of future engagement or marriage: you may not be able to get married due to age, finance or geographical location. You may not even want a wedding... but like the idea of that next step in commitment and want something on your ring finger to say to the world you are in a loving relationship! A Promise Ring is your way of showing commitment without the wedding.

Acknowledging a Significant Change: Given during times of significant change, like job transitions, relocations, or other life-altering events... We have seen people buy Promise Rings for their partners as "Push Presents" as a Promise to be a great dad (Super cute)

We like to think of a Promise Ring as your own "Wearable Story", it can be a Promise or a reminder of anything that is meaningful to you!

Shop now and find your perfect Promise.

The Promise Ring Co. X

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